Automatically Run Migrations When Deploying to Heroku

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Have you ever deployed an application to Heroku, only after an exception notification realizing that you forgot to run migrations? This is how we managed to solve this problem once and for all.

Create iOS 8 and iOS 7 alerts easily with GUNAlert

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With the release of iOS 8, Apple gave us new and better way of handling modal alerts. However, the new API doesn’t work on earlier versions of iOS. For those of us who need to support them, this usually means a lot of code duplication and polluting the code with conditions while trying to support both UIAlertView and UIViewController.

To get rid of those problems, we’ve developed a small library called GUNAlert. It makes displaying alerts simple on all iOS versions. Here’s how it can help you in your project.

Switching to Trello from Pivotal Tracker

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After using Pivotal Tracker for over 2 years, we now manage almost all of our software projects with Trello. We love that it’s really flexible and works for a huge range of use-cases.