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Pair with an existing software team.
Automate a manual business process.
Validate an idea and build a prototype.


Business Process Automation

Rackspace Startups makes it easier for early-stage startups to get off the ground by offering them subsidized hosting. We created a lightweight, custom, applicant tracking system that cut their work hours in half.

Graham Turney, Senior Marketing Manager, Rackspace

“They took the burden on of creating the document that said ‘Here’s what you told us you wanted.’ I was thrilled. I didn’t want to do that myself. We just checked off on that document to confirm that it was in fact what we were looking for and they went to work.”


Staff Augmentation

We helped Interfolio launch their product in time by providing dedicated full-stack developers to augment their team.

Erin Mayhood, VP of Operations, Interfolio, Inc.

“We needed skilled engineers who were awesome communicators and could come up to speed quickly and start pushing code. That's exactly what we got from gunpowderlabs.”


Validation – App Design & Development

We prototyped and tested a mobile app to help teachers track their kids behaviors to create interventions that work.


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