Case Study


We augmented Interfolio's team to meet their product launch deadline.

Interfolio headshot

We needed skilled engineers who were awesome communicators and could come up to speed quickly and start pushing code. That's exactly what we got from gunpowderlabs.

— Erin Mayhood, VP of Operations, Interfolio, Inc.
Interfolio helps academic institutions make better decisions such as who should get tenure by creating software to manage these processes.


Interfolio was working on a new enterprise product line. Due to the nature of the ed-tech market, the beginning of the school year is an important and non-negotiable deadline for product releases. Despite Interfolio's excellent technical capabilities, their team wasn't big enough to accomplish everything they wanted by that time, so they came to gunpowderlabs to temporarily augment their existing team. Since this was an existing product rather than a separate project, it was paramount that those developers would seamlessly plug into their development process.

  • Interfolio summary dev 2 Developers
  • Interfolio summary time 6 Months
  • Interfolio summary agile Scrum/Sprints


We provided Interfolio with two dedicated, full-stack developers for 6 months. The goal was to do that with as little friction as possible, so we joined their Scrum meetings and standup calls, and used the same project management tools and processes. We reviewed each other's code and made an effort to teacher their developers what we know, and vice-versa. In practical terms, we became a part of their team.



gunpowderlabs provided us with the additional engineering resources we needed to respond quickly to user requests. They integrated into our team more quickly and easily than some new hires do, and provided outstanding expertise that increased our velocity significantly.

— Erin Mayhood, VP of Operations, Interfolio, Inc.